Editor for Faderfox MIDI Controllers

PC4 Pot-Controller
EC4 Encoder-Controller

Faderfox produces awesome MIDI controllers. Already two years ago I programmed a software editor for the PC4 potentiometer controller. Now the new  EC4 Controller was released. Featuring 16 freely configurable rotary encoders for handling up to 4096 parameters and an OLED display for values and labels. And, guess what, I made an editor for this one, too. The editors run with Web-MIDI in Chromium web browsers. They are open source and the software is available on GitHub.

6 thoughts on “Editor for Faderfox MIDI Controllers”

  1. Thank you for the Editor – I just purchased an EC4 and the editor is a massive help!

  2. Any chance we can get something like this for Faderfox PC12?
    (or at least, some more details on this implementation so someone could potentiall pick up the work for PC12)


  3. (actually I see you have all the sysex specs in the folder… however I wonder if this can actually generalize to PC12 – in any case brilliant effort)

  4. Hi, I haven’t heard of any plans from Faderfox for an PC12 editor. At least we could try to convince Mathias to document the PC12 sysex data structure. But documentation like this is always kind of an effort.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Indeed, it is always an effort and to be frank, PC12 is great to program only with hardware.

    However, I think it makes a lot of sense to have the structure of the PC12 sysex documented, gives extra degrees of flexibility. Truth is when trying out different structure for the layouts would be immensely helpful.

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